Cape Coral - Fort Myers Real Estate Market October Sales: Despite a Category 4 Hurricane, we soldier on… Even despite Hurricane Ian: in October, our local market continues to demonstrate a move to normalization. There is more inventory on the market; with time on market hovering around the 1 month period. These two year-over-year trends point to more home buying options for buyers. At the same time, we continue to experience a shortage […]
Cape Coral - Fort Myers Real Estate Market Where to invest your hard-earned money? South Florida real estate! There is a lot of “read between the lines” here. I believe the headline adds to the drama that the media loves to cultivate. To summarize this information succinctly: if you wish to invest money in real estate, south Florida is the place to make that investment. Miami, Tampa & Charlotte County are specifically mentioned […]
Cape Coral - Fort Myers Real Estate Market 2022 September Sales Figures – Market Shift Continues Hurricane Ian notwithstanding, the September real estate sales figures in Cape Coral and Fort Myers remain in a consistent trend.  In reviewing the July and August 2022 sales figures, we discussed how the move in the market indicated a shift towards normalization, and we continue to see those characteristics in the September numbers as well.  […]
Cape Coral - Fort Myers Real Estate Market Hurricane Ian Fundraiser – Halloween Interactive Movie Night Looking for a fun & horrific night all at the same time?!?  Then, SWFL Haunt Life and the Alliance for the Arts might just have the Halloween attraction for you.  You’ll also be helping to support those SW Floridians impacted tragically by Hurricane Ian.  Come and live the Halloween Movie in an interactive way on […]
Cape Coral - Fort Myers Real Estate Market August 2022 Sales Figures – SWFL Still Strong! Cape Coral & Fort Myers remain a strong region for real estate investment. Median sales prices remain strong at about 20% year-over-year growth. More inventory is out there for buyers, and homeowners & investors are parking their cash in SWFL real estate. Overall, our local market is normalizing, which benefits both buyers & sellers involved […]
Cape Coral - Fort Myers Real Estate Market The Naples Zoo, SWFL’s hidden treasure We are very lucky to have such a local treasure here in SWFL.  Baltimore had the country’s 3rd oldest zoo, The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.  So, my family and I were profoundly lucky to experience and explore the Zoo on a regular basis, when we lived in Maryland.  In fact, we were annual zoo members, […]
Cape Coral - Fort Myers Real Estate Market Edison Ford Winter Estates, a Fort Myers treasure As someone who loves history, I was excited to learn a couple of fun pieces of local history when we moved last year. I felt negligent when I learned that Henry Ford and Thomas Edison were good friends. Was I surprised? Absolutely not. Two great innovators that have profoundly changed the course of history with […]
Cape Coral - Fort Myers Real Estate Market July 2022 Sales Figures – More inventory! We need affordable housing for new and existing home buyers.  A healthy, normal real estate market benefits both buyers and sellers.  We want our children to be able to live the American dream of home ownership.  The July 2022 Sale Figures for Fort Myers and Cape Coral show that inventories continue to grow; providing buyers […]
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